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Teheran in Persian means “going downwards”. Indeed, the ancient city was first established on an upland plateau before gradually developing downhill in subsequent years to become the metropolis it is today. Expansion of the city was rapid and uncontrolled, but unlike in other cases of massive development, the wealthy population moved out of the old town, whilst the poorer classes remained there. The city now has over 11 million inhabitants and is the country's main industrial, political and socio-cultural centre.

The building in plan is proposed like a real and true urban episode, a architecture for the people and the citizens, an architecture which sets a part the hesitating invention of design in aid for an urban space of quality. The carry out of an oasis far away from the chaos of the city, which should be the point of reference and order, the center of democracy and culture with the ability to underline the advantage of the citizen neighbourhood.
The character of the parts and the location of the building in all it globality wants to contribute to the development of vitality of the place and of the identity whom makes the spaces a benefit.
The city of Teheran is constantly present in the building, through the sights from the several “openings”; the offices, the shops and the apartments are dipped in the city, also if physically distant from its center. The light, the transparency of the parts which compose it makes the perimeter a porous membrane obtained also in the vertical dimension with a system of light pools which drills the entire mass of the structure, shaping a visual and physical continuity between inside and outside, expanding the space through the utility of colorful objects.
Those wide and dynamic openings are the lungs of the building, they carry the natural light from the bottom and move the air on high transmitting a natural ventilation.
The prospects are articulated in gallery and hollows which are exchanged and re-proposed in a rhythmical dialogue in all levels and on every forehead of the manufactured. On the first and second floor are placed the commercial spaces which represents the basement of the building, directly accessible from the road and from the internal courtyard which pursue the public space inside the structure, and from where is possible to catch up, across the stairs, the five floors used for directional spaces and on the upper floors the apartments.
Mounting from a floor to another, the useful surface reduces giving more space to wide terrace and hanging garden thought like common spaces and made to unite and join people, baiting interaction, friendships and dialogue.

The choice of “green hanging”, present large profits, not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also functional and economic. That is, the system proposed, with the masting of middle stalk, offers a conspicuous contributes for the reduction of environmental pollution, improvement of the urban climate and surrounding compensation



________________________________________________________________________________________________________DATI DI PROGETTO

Localizzazione: Teheran, at Vali Asr Ave.

oggetto:a multistorey building B located in Teheran, 800 metres to the south of Vanak Square, in about 1500 m² lot, comprising twelve floors (including four below ground level).

gruppo di progettazione :

angelo delli gatti (adstudio), maurizio gontier (adstudio),

Prof. costantino patestos

massimiliano salzotto (adstudio), demetrio campolo, massimiliano ferrari

esito: progetto partecipante