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NEW UIA INFOPOINT FOR THE XXIII UIA World Congress of Architecture TORINO 2008 _ turin


The infopoint inserts in a context strongly characterized both from the historical and urban point of view and of imaginary collective.

We imagine that the urban context can be represented as sum of strengths and contrasted weights that could be assimilable to weights with historical value that influence the equilibrium of the bodies that insert in the context/system. In this viewpoints, the values of reference are not those of the geometry, but those of the physics, influenced by the real context, susceptible of unforeseen event, expression of the world/reality. The infopoint is the result of these strong urban interactions, an object moulded by the history.

"The language gives us everything: past, to happen, far, nearby, absent, present, imaginary, celestial sphere, atom…, but only through of the symbols" (Simone Weil).
The aim is to transpose architecture, city and society, through of signs that communicate without need of words.

The infopoint organizes around the expositive space, true communicative space of the event. On it, they shows the press area and the area reserved to the UIA radio (part closed when necessary - staff only), while the coffee area and the outdoor lounge area are enjoyable spaces 24H, not only to take a coffee and to rest, but also to adjourn on the events of the day looking at the images projected on the skin of the infopoint, to listen to the radio of the congress and therefore to find a place whether to exchange ideas and opinions.

________________________________________________________________________________________________________DATI DI PROGETTO

Localizzazione: torino - piazza castello

oggetto: concorso internazionale di idee per la realizzazione di un Punto di Informazioni UIA nella città di Torino, un luogo pubblico per l'architettura, che dovrà essere accessibile sia di giorno che di notte, sia in orario di apertura che di chiusura. In occasione del Congresso sarà posizionato all'incrocio di Piazza Castello e via Pietro Micca in un'are di 24x39m e sarà costruito con materiali riciclabili ed ecologici e dotato di tecnologie di comunicazione per annunciare gli eventi e le attività pubbliche del Congresso.

gruppo di progettazione : maurizio gontier (adstudio), Flavia Foti
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esito: progetto partecipante